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QP503A™ Basic Sterile Compounding Training and Competency Certification Program

s1050086CriticalPoint launched its QP503A™ and QP503A Master™ Certifications in 2017. Successful completion of these program requirements will result in the acquisition of specific essential knowledge and skills that will facilitate an individuals’ ability to successfully plan, develop and operate a 503A pharmacy sterile compounding operation. QP stands for “qualified person” which is a technical term used in European Union pharmaceutical regulations and from which CriticalPoint has borrowed.

Eligible participants for the QP503A™ Certification successfully complete a didactic program of home study, live training and practicum activities accompanied by required objective personnel and cognitive testing. The goal of this program is to provide an immediate opportunity for all pharmacies performing sterile compounding to train at least one individual in the common aspects of pharmacy sterile compounding. This individual would be able to oversee the development of comprehensive and detailed standard operating procedures (SOPs) and mentor, guide and inspire others performing sterile compounding at their location.



This Certification program is currently being offered in conjunction with CriticalPoint’s Sterile Compounding Boot Camp and Aseptics Refresher Class. This certification is intended for people who currently perform sterile compounding and work in a 503A facility.



June 18-21, 2019 (Totowa, NJ)

September 9-12, 2019 (Totowa, NJ)

November 12-12, 2019 (Totowa, NJ)


This QP503A™ Certification also provides the foundation necessary for individuals to successfully complete the requirements necessary to obtain the QP503A Master™.

The QP503A Master™ Certification is earned after obtaining the basic QP503A™ Certification and requires that individuals demonstrate their ability to put the knowledge gained through training to use in actual work settings by making measureable changes to sterile compounding processes resulting in improved patient safety.