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FAQs – CE Questions

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Does your system submit CEs to the CE Broker?

No, you will need to submit your CEs manually to the CE Broker.  All of the information required for the CE Broker can be found in your CPE Monitor transcript.

Why aren’t my CEs in my CPE Monitor?

There are two reasons why your CEs aren’t being processed by the CPE Monitor.

  1. Your account does not have your eProfile #, Birth Month/Day or Job Role listed or that information is incorrect.  Without this information, the system cannot process your CEs correctly.  Please update your profile with that information by clicking on My Profile and then the “Other” tab.  Enter in the appropriate information and click Save.
  2. You have already received CE for the lesson.  Our CEs are valid for two years and you can only receive CE one time during that period (Aug 2016 – July 2018).  For example, if you took the post test in 2016, you won’t receive CE again in 2017. We recently updated our ACPE numbers and they will be valid from August 2018-July 2020.

If your account was missing your eProfile information or the system didn’t process your CEs, please email and we will resubmit your CEs to the CPE Monitor.  Please allow 5 business days for them to be processed and appear in your transcript.