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Recommended Training Schedule for eLessons

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Recommended Training Schedule for eLessons

To get the most value from CriticalPoint’s eLearning Curriculums, do yourself a favor and implement them over time. There’s a principle in learning called “cognitive load” which is the mind’s limit on processing new information all at once. Also the information one initially recalls is not cemented more firmly into long term memory until the information is used and applied in a work situation. We strongly suggest you look at our lesson topics and plan its implementation for new staff in a logical sequence that sequences the information correctly and allows them some time to practice using this information before moving onto the next topic. We are not in favor of the “learning days” where a lot of required classes and/or test backs are completed all at once. These systems make it easier for administrators but do little to ensure that workers derive maximum value from the curriculum.

Suggested Sterile Compounding eCurriculum Training Schedule

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