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Texas Pharmacy Sterile Compounding Course

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S1050105CriticalPoint’s Pharmacy Sterile Compounding Course has been developed to meet the requirements of the Texas Administrative Code Title 22, Part 15, Chapter 291, Subchapter G, Rules 291.133. This engaging curriculum includes 34 hours of eLearning and 6 hours of live training to meet the requirements of 40 ACPE credits in a single course.   This course provides students with both didactic and experiential training and covers certain curriculum requirements of sterile compounding.

The foundation of the training is CriticalPoint’s engaging eLearning which requires interaction with the learner and includes high resolution images and video for a real life immersion experience. Videos and images are shot in real pharmacy sterile compounding facilities by experienced compounders and written by CriticalPoint’s thought leaders.

After learners progress through the curriculum in a logical manner and have successfully completed all aspects of the eLearning training, they are ready for a supervised experience with one of CriticalPoint’s sanctioned Aseptic Technique Preceptors who will shepherd them through curriculum that communicates the latest thinking and best practices for the critical components of aseptic technique including hand hygiene and garbing.

Subsequent to successful completion of the supervised training portion, participants must successfully complete CriticalPoint competencies in hand hygiene and garbing and aseptic technique as well as successfully pass media fill testing. Participants will also undergo gloved fingertip testing during garbing (to verify that they can successfully don sterile gloves without contaminating them) as well as both gloved fingertip testing and surface sampling taken during the course media fill procedure.

Contact CriticalPoint at 973-256-6500 ext. 4 or for more information.

*When purchasing the course for the learner, your facility must have an approved Preceptor or you must purchase a Preceptor Course.