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CriticalPoint offers a wide range of web-based training for your organization. Our training is continually updated in terms of both content and delivery technology to ensure the best performance training experience in the industry.

503B eLearning Course

CriticalPoint has expanded its online offerings to now include 503B eLearning.  The web-based curriculum will ensure participants acquire a comprehensive understanding of how and why 503B practice evolved. These lessons also summarize each of the FDA draft and final guidances so that learners know where to seek guidance for 503B practice. Successful completion of this course will prepare pharmacists to fulfill the role required by the Compounding Quality Act (known as the Drug Quality and Safety Act or DQSA) which requires that drugs are compounded in compliance with the cGMPs under the direct supervision of a licensed pharmacist.


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Best Practices and Compliance with USP 795 for Nonsterile Compounding eCourse

CriticalPoint has expanded our offerings to include Nonsterile Compounding. Written by expert instructors, this course includes 11 lessons and post tests that cover all aspects of USP 795 (proposed revisions).

USP 795 eLearning Lessons include:

  1. Introduction to Nonsterile Pharmacy Compounding
  2. Mathematics Review and Pharmaceutical Excipients
  3. Responsibilities of the Compounder and Compounding Facility Requirements
  4. Component Selection, Receipt, Handling, and Storage
  5. Nonsterile Compounding Equipment
  6. Nonsterile Compounding Process
  7. Beyond-Use Dating (BUD) and Chemical Stability of Nonsterile Compounds
  8. Packaging and Documentation of Nonsterile Formulations
  9. Quality Control and Release Testing in a Nonsterile Compounding Practice
  10. Staff Training and Competency for Nonsterile Compounding
  11. Nonsterile Compounding for Animals

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*Simplifi 797 customers need to reach out to their Customer Success Manager to discuss adding the eLearning.

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The Courses in Sterile Compounding

The eCourses in Sterile Compounding are CriticalPoint’s Flagship offering. First released in 2007, these eLessons are specifically designed to teach and demonstrate the skills needed to meet USP 797 and 800 requirements as well as CriticalPoint best practices.

What makes our eLearning stand apart from competitors?

  • Written by leading industry experts … who are thought leaders and influencers
  • Current … eLessons are updated to reflect current standards and CriticalPoint best practices
  • Anywhere, anytime … delivered over the Internet, offering convenient training that can occur during downtime or even at home … new hires can get started right away without pulling staff away from production
  • Engaging and fun … the self-paced, interactive format makes it easier to learn … novice compounders can move at their own pace, while more-tenured staff can progress as swiftly as they want ACPE approved … added benefit of earning more than 35 continuing education credit hours for pharmacists or technicians
  • Automated recordkeeping … takes the administrative burden off of you…comprehensive and flexible reports that make compliance tracking and audit preparation simple
  • Widely adopted … that’s why more than 2,500 sites and 60,000 pharmacy personnel and state board inspectors have completed more than 500,000 hours of continuing education through CriticalPoint
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Pharmacy Math Skills Offerings

There are 3 educational and competency offerings related to Pharmacy Math Skills

  • Pharmacy Math Skills eLearning Course
  • Pre-Employment Math-Screen
  • Employee Competency Verification Math-Screen
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ACPE Accreditation 

Our CE is provided through Educational Review Systems, Inc. Educational Review System reviews our lessons, approves them for CE and provides the ACPE number. Educational Review System is an accredited provider through Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE).

System Requirements: 

Internet – Online learners should have at least a 2 Mbps Internet speed as a minimum requirement
Recommended Browsers:

  • Google Chrome
  • FireFox
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 or higher
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Safari 10 (OS X/macOS)

This system launches learning content within new windows. While not required, it may be helpful to allow popup windows for this site.

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