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The Courses in Sterile Compounding

The Courses in Sterile Compounding

The eCourses in Sterile Compounding are CriticalPoint’s Flagship offering. First released in 2007, these eCourse have been continually updated to reflect best practices and the revision of the Chapter <797>.  CriticalPoint has updated the Sterile Compounding eLearning curriculum to include new course material covering Chapter <800> along with new and revised content covering <797> . As part of this process, all content has been extensively revised with additional information, high resolution images and interactivity. The new format will create a far more engaging learning experience and we believe will result in improved knowledge transfer and performance change.

Some of the changes include:

  • Individual Procedures broken down into interactive steps
  • Videos demonstrating actual procedures
  • Interactive exercises that check the learner’s knowledge
  • Lessons and Post Tests packaged together

Click here to view a sample lesson "Sterilization by Filtration"

These 29 lessons (34 hours of ACPE-approved CE) cover all topic areas relevant to sterile compounding.

Fundamentals of Sterile Compounding Curriculum 8 hours CE
  • The History of Compounding and USP <797>
  • Determining Beyond-Use Dating
  • Quality Releases and Final Checks of CSPs
  • Labeling and Packaging
  • Master Formulation and Compounding Records
  • Purpose and Effective Use of Policies and Procedure
  • General Elements of Documentation
  • Use of Automated Compounding Devices (ACDs)
Engineering Controls for Sterile Compounding 4 hours CE
  • Primary Engineering Controls: Function, Use, Testing and Certification (2 hours CE)
  • Secondary Engineering Controls: Function, Use Testing and Certification (2 hours CE)
Personnel Sampling Metrics 3 hours CE
  • Personnel Hand Hygiene, Garbing and Gloved Fingertip Sampling (2 hours CE)
  • Personnel Aseptic Media Fill and Competency Evaluation
Viable Facility Sampling Metrics 2 hours CE
  • Volumetric Air Sampling
  • Surface Sampling
Sanitization of Pharmacy Controlled Environments 3 hours CE
  • Overview of Cleaning and Disinfection of Pharmacy Controlled Environments
  • Cleaning and Disinfection of Primary Engineering Controls
  • Cleaning and Disinfection of Secondary Engineering Controls and Segregated Compounding Areas
Aseptic Technique and Related Work Practices 5 hours CE
  • Overview of Quality and Responsibilities of Compounding Personnel
  • Proper Material Handling
  • Use of Syringes, Needles, Vials, Ampules and Filters
  • Aseptic Technique and Conduct in Controlled Environments
  • Sterile Compounding on Patient Units (for nursing and medical staff)
High Risk Compounding Practices 4 hours of CE
  • Sterilization by Filteration
  • Moist and Dry-Heat Sterilization
  • Bacterial Endotoxin (Pyrogen) Testing
  • Sterility Testing Requirements of USP <71> and <797>
Requirements and Best Practices for Hazardous Drug Compounding 5 hours of CE
  • Hazardous Drug Introduction and Overview
  • Engineering Controls and Personal Protective Equipment (2 hours CE)
  • Hazardous Drug Work Practice Strategies (2 hours CE)