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Qualified Person Certification Program for 503A

Qualified Person Certification Program for 503A

CriticalPoint is excited to announce the launch of our Qualified Person Certification Program for 503A and 503B Personnel!

CriticalPoint has established two formal and standardized systems for evaluating, educating and credentialing qualified persons for both 503A and 503B entities.

QP503A™ and QP503A Master™ Certifications for 503A Personnel

This offering creates a national credentialing program leveraging CriticalPoint’s existing Pharmacy Math and Sterile Compounding eLearning Curriculums, specific live training and practicum exercises (Sterile Compounding Boot Camp and Aseptic Technique Live Training), required Hand Hygiene and Aseptic Technique Competencies with accompanying personnel sampling and media fill testing; as well as pass a final exam administered through the CriticalPoint LMS. This program results in the acquisition of specific desired demonstrated knowledge and psychomotor skills. Persons who earn the QP503A™ credential have the option of pursuing the QP503A Master® credential by completing an additional project demonstrating their ability to facilitate measurable change in sterile compounding performance in their work setting.