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FAQs – Administrator LMS Questions

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To access other user’s accounts within your group or to run reports, you will need to have received administrative rights for your group.  If you have not received these rights, please email Criticalpoint at or call at 973-256-6500.

How do I run a report for my group?

Please login using your user name and password, then click the login button.

From your home screen, click on the Reports tab which is located on the toolbar on the top of your screen.  This will take you into the Reporting feature of CriticalPoint.  On this page, you will see several options for running a report.

  • My Saved Reports – These are reports that you have configured and saved.
  • My Subscriptions – These are reports that you have saved and set up as subscriptions which will allow them to be sent to your email directly based on your requirements. 
  • Public Reports – These are standard template reports that have been created and made public by CriticalPoint. Because many of our customers run the same reports, we created several of the frequently used reports under this tab. In addition, these standard reports can be customized for your facility and saved under My Saved Reports
  • Course Transcripts – Reports on Courses and Lesson status, as well as, completion information including scores and dates.
  • User Demographics – Reports on user account information including name, username, email, contact information, organizational information and more.

To add filters and narrow down the data in your report, click on the drop down box to the right of the green plus sign.  Pick the criteria that you would like to filter then click on the Green Plus Sign and fill in the necessary information.

Before you run your report, you must select which fields you would like to appear on your report.  This is done by selecting a field(s) from the box on the left-hand side of the screen.  The saved reports already have fields selected but you can add more or remove fields depending on your needs.  For most reports, it is helpful to select “all fields” to assure that you get the information you need.  If you do this, you may want to add a Name filter and put your name in as the only match so that you do not have too much data to review the first time.

Once you have configured the report to your specifics, click the Run Report tab. A separate window will pop-up and indicate that your report is being generated.  Once the report has been generated, you will have the option to view it on screen by clicking on the HTML icon or you can download and open it in Excel (.csv) by right clicking on the icon and choosing the Save/Download file option.  You can also save the file to view it later by clicking on the Save icon.  This option saves the report to your LMS account.

Depending on how much information is in the report, this process may take several seconds to a few minutes to complete.  Once you are finished with your report, click on the “Close Window” tab.

How do I Edit User Accounts?

To begin the process, please login using your user name and password, then click the login button. From your home screen, click on the Administrator Menu tab which is located on the top toolbar of your screen.  On the next screen, click on the Users icon and all users associated with your Group will be listed (if you have more than 20 users in your group you will have to click the > arrow to see them or type their name in the box to search for a specific user).  To edit the individual users, click on the Pencil Icon to the right of the users name.  Once in the individual users profile, you can make changes to his/her account.  You will see that that there are four tabs on the left-hand side where you can modify their personal information.

The Account Info tab – allows you to change the Name, Email, Username or Password as well as disable users who are no longer employed at your facility.  We do not encourage you to request users be deleted as you will lose all of their historical data once an account is deleted.

You can enter company name, address and phone number under the Contact Info tab

The Employee Info tab is where you can enter Job Title or Department information. 

The Other tab – is for eProfile information.  This tab is extremely important because it allows us to send ACPE-approved CE Activity to the CPE Monitor Program.  Without that information, your user will not receive CE Credit and will have to contact CriticalPoint to have their information manually upload.  This process may take several days to be completed. If your user has not created an eProfile in the CPE Monitor program, please have them visit the NABP website at and click on CPE Monitor to get started.   They can also click on the CPE Monitor tab on the top toolbar of their page when logged in to the LMS.

If you make any changes to the information, make sure that you click on the Save Changes tab at the bottom of the page.

If you receive an error message when saving the changes, you will need to click on each tab to find where the error is occurring.  It will be identified with a Red box above the location of the error.  Please correct this error and re-enter the data changes and then click on the Save button.

How do I set up a subscription for my report?

Once you have your report configured how you want it (under Reports), click the Save Settings tab and name your report.  Make sure the Privacy Setting is set to “Private” and then click Save Changes.  Once it has been saved, you will see the Subscription tab appear.  Click on this tab and select “On.”  Then select the date that you would like to start the delivery of the report as well as the frequency.  Click “Update Subscription” to save your subscription.

Sample Reports

Below are several, high-level examples of the report capability within the LMS.  There are many different fields/filters the individual facilities can pick to run specific reports with specific information.

Sample Lesson Completion Status

Sample Facility Report

Sample Post Test Completion Report

Sample Course Status Report

How do I add a new user?

Administrators do not have the ability to create users outside of registering through the main page.  The reason for this is so users can enter their eProfile number and birth MM/DD information to ensure CEs crossover to the CPE Monitor.  This also allows for users to create usernames and passwords they will remember.

How do I change the enrollments for a user?

The enrollments are set up on a group level, limiting the ability to adjust individual’s enrollments.  If you need to customize your group’s current enrollments, please email CriticalPoint at

Why am I receiving an error message when editing or disabling a user’s account?

If you receive an error message when saving the changes, you will need to click on each tab to find where the error is occurring. Most likely, the profile is missing required information. It will be identified with a Red box above the location of the error. Please correct this error and re-enter the data changes and then click on the Save button.